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[Robot Viper/Hide,HolvesDef+++,Bared Hitam GM,Spion Mode]

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FourzhyV2.2 Full Tittle

Full Title

TwentyThree [ Minimaze ] + Packet Editor X2.0 GB Edition

TwentyThree [ Minimaze ] + Packet Editor X2.0 GB Edition

Released : 20/03/2011
Creator : BiLLzMuD
Archive Type : RAR
Included files : => TwentyThree Packet Editor X2.0.rar
=> LChangeWorld2.0.dll
=> TwentyThree Injector.exe
=> glxpbuttonz.ocx
Game Target : PointBlank
Anti-Cheat : AhnLab HackShield Pro
Type : Packet editor

23 - Packet Editor  Effect
[*] Buat Yang Hobi GB
[*] Status Undetect

Hotkey Minimaze :

Note Tambahan :
Tested : XP SP2 -XP SP3

MPGH Project Blackout Public 03/17/11

Wallhack* Chams* Crosshair* No Smoke

Window 7 Original - Gunakan Run As
Status: Undetected
  • Wallhack
  • Chams
  • Crosshair
  • No Smoke
  1. Download the attachment.
  2. Extract hack anywhere.
  3. Start MPGHInjector.exe
  4. Start Project Blackout
  5. If the hack was injected correctly, you should see a message at the top left hand part of you screen.
  6. Press INSERT or DELETE to access the menu.

Notice, this file has been packed with THEMIDA. Your antivirus may not like it, so if there is a problem with your antivirus deleting it or not allowing you to download the file, disable your antivirus while using this hack. (For example NOD32 won't let me download my own hack )

Troubleshooting (If you get errors OR it doesn't work):
  • Run Windows Update, ensure your computer is FULLY UPDATED
  • Ensure your process is correct in settings.ini (PBlackout.exe or PBLACK~1.EXE)
  • Disable your antivirus.
  • Try a different injector.
  • Download and Install the .net Framework.
  • Download and Install the latest version of DirectX: Download details: DirectX End-User Runtime
  • Run the hack as admin.
If you are having problems, please post the full steps you took. Also include: What antivirus you have; Is it disabled. Are you running in administrator mode. Do you have UAC disabled. What OS you have. Did you try the steps outlined above.

02/17/11 - Fixed an issue with compatibility/fullscreen. Included the D3D9 library incase you are too lazy to update D3D. Fixed the issue with not doing anything when injected to "PointBlank".

02/16/11 - Fixes chammed maps. Fixed issue with comparability, thanks to AVGN. I've localized the problem, added crosshair customization and made it compatible with other versions of PB.

02/24/11 - Updated for new update + maps. Added no smoke.

02/25/11 - Old hack is detected.

02/28/11 - Old hack is detected.

03/02/11 - According to some testers, I've fixed the compatibility issue in this hack.

03/05/11 - Old hack is detected. Updated injector.

03/08/11 - Old hack is detected.

03/10/11 - Old hack is detected.

03/10/14 - Old hack is detected.

03/17/11 - Old hack is detected.

Known Issues:
Alt+tab = crash.
Injector sucks at injecting.
Credit By [MPGH]Dave84311



 Hotkey :
[*]Numpad 1 : BLACK Baret + Char Hack
[*]Numpad 0 : Reset Char Hack + Spion Mode ON [ Bomb Mission ]

Cridit : FiX BY FZR
Relased : 16/03/2011
Creator : Dedi[B2]dan FZRThanks To :
[*] All Member n MOderator Blink-Blink(B2)
[*] All Member n Staff sukatoro
[*] BilLz [B2]/PNT
[*] Fauzi Rahman
[*] ►ÐÑ_C◄Diyown|Zixts® [B2]
[*] RCD
[*] HRD
[*] DEDI[B2]
[*] bronx andi [B2]
[*] dan tidak bisa disebut orang " masih bayak
forum support:


CellolexisHack Versi 3

Hack Char Robot, Beret GM and Headger

Fitur :
1. Headger
2. Beret GM
3. Char Robot

Hotkey :
1. HOME = ON
2. END = OF

Thanks to :
All Forum Indonesia....

Special Thanks to :
1. ComandeR
2. Awp Slankers
Cara Pemakaian nya... :
Cukup KLIK Tanda ( >>> ) yg warna Merah Tepat nya di Pojok Kanan Atas...
Dan ikutin Toturial Selanjut nya yg ada di dalam Injector... :D
[-] BT/DC Tergantung cara anda dan harus menggunakan timing !!
NB :
 Di larang Keras Ambil Dll tnpa Izin Author...!!!!
Apabila Agan jd RM Maka darah Agan Akan 120 ^_^
Credits By Me ( Cellolexis_Purwakarta )

Cheat Full Hack Work 1000%

Karena Tadi Pagi GM maintenace Nih Cheat Work 100%

Fitur :
1.char hacks
2.headgear hacks
3.Beret Hacks (beret hitam)
F1 : On
F2 :Off

Cara Pakai :

-Tekan F1 sebelum rede
-Tekan F1 lg Wktu loading map

Tested by Me 2 jam Work No DC /No BT
Creator : Cellolexis
Thanks :
[*] Awp Slanker
[*] CommmandeR
[*] Batara

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